Bach & Forward

Be careful, my dear, the ivory you choose. For one path leads the orchestra, the other the blues. Tread lightly the keys with your sweet melody. Add pressure, create a masterpiece. Stand firm and you’ll see.


Heavy as metal Free as a bird She scratched at the surface He called her obsurd Each leap was an inch Only breath could escape The light kept her warm But he knew her true fate Soft blowing breezes The only touch on her skin Although the window was open Nothing ever came in As … More Bound


Dissoriented. Which way did it end ’cause I left the page unattended. Thus I’m painting a regret but….. please don’t be offended. Dip the pen, rip the parchment, and just begin where it ended.  

The Unknown Path

   Is it paved in pure gold or riddled with splinters?  Will it burn in the summer and freeze over in winters?  How far does it bend through the brush and the dark?  During Harvest do dead leaves hide knots in the bark?  Will I slip when it rains or fall through the cracks?   … More The Unknown Path


   Stop.  Reach out.  Breathe little one.   You will learn when to jump just as soon as we’re done.   This place was not meant for you to find.  It is only for them, the ‘other’ humankind.   You can watch from the rooftops as they smokescreen the sky.  They’ll make dreams kings and … More Break