child love society broken humble be different  
Stop.  Reach out.  Breathe little one.  

You will learn when to jump just as soon as we’re done.  

This place was not meant for you to find.  It is only for them, the ‘other’ humankind.  

You can watch from the rooftops as they smokescreen the sky.  They’ll make dreams kings and break wings, and try to tell you when to fly.  

Grow strong little one as you will one day see, this world wasn’t meant for you or for me.  

They will pave roads of glass bricks and skip rocks as you fall, don’t be discouraged sweet love, brush the pain and stand tall.  

These sunrises are gifts of a soft light to soak in; appreciated by the humble, the weak, and the broken.  
So go boldly alone and soar high with your might, for with time you will find that your heart guides the light.  
– CQ 


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