Patriotic Pig

Happy 4th everyone! Be safe, have fun…eat bacon!

Patriotic Pig Recipe:


I cannot seem to perfect the art of wrapping bacon around peppers. Easy task for the patient chefs right? By the time it hits the bbq, the bacon jumps ship – as do all the contents inside! I’ve used toothpicks, but that failed. I sliced the jalapeños in half, for an open face melt, but it’s just not the same. Nothing beats the ‘pop’ of a good ‘popper’. So, I decided to make a bacon mix to stuff, instead of wrap.

This pepper pork heaven (about 2 pounds) will become bacon bits. Then the bits will be stirred into a colby jack cheese (finely shredded) and cream cheese mix (eyeball the cheese – more is better!). I usually add more cracked black pepper to the mix also.


All that goodness will then be stuffed into jalapeños, and baked (350 degrees) until the peppers are a dark green. Oozy cheese will be everywhere so foil your baking dish! Quick and easy!

Mmmmm….God bless ‘Merica.

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