Evil’s Turn: The Oklahoma Tornado Tragedy

Burning ear drums. Fragile legs numb. Sharp pain intensified by hard rain. The shock sent waves through television sets.

She saw it coming. Spiraling down. Clear your desks. Twisting wrenching clenching. Diamond etching sound. Piercing.

Hearts pounding blood. Drenching rooftops. Keeping calm in the storm. Cracking bones. Screaming speed. Pitch black tones. Backpack hats.

Feared dead. Not a drill. Human shield. Hail spatters muddy grass on blinking sketchers. Only light seen in the distance.

Parents running. Red eyes bleeding. Seeking hope. Evil spared its path. Thick glass. Skinned knees. Torn jeans. Bullhorns glared the list of names.

From miles they came. Out of breath. Smell of death. Cries for help. Drowning. Search and recover. Helicopters hover. Families catch faces in hands filled with bruises. Tight squeezes. Time ceases.


How you can help the tornado victims:


Salvation Army

Red Cross

Toyota – mealsperhour

Other ways to help – usnews.nbcnews



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