Las Vegas State of Mind – Let Loose 2014

I woke up this morning to the familiar whispers of, “Good morning mama!  The sun is out so that means let’s go downstairs.”  I rolled out of bed – goodbye perfect sleep number, my swollen feet hit the dirty wood floor, eyes opened slowly to the bright Vegas sunlight at 7:00am, and in a matter of two seconds my work day had begun.  First, grab the laundry basket from the closet that is probably housing Fraggle Rock at this point.  Second, try to make it down the stairs without acrobatics.  Third, lead four-year old downstairs to the trough – aka kitchen table.  Lastly, go back upstairs to grab clothes for four-year old that were forgotten.  Wait, that wasn’t lastly *grunt*.  Come back down and create delicious breakfast.  Go back up to dress myself.  Then, back down to clean dishes.  Dogs are hungry and crying.  Feed dogs.  The fish needs to be fed.  Go back upstairs and feed fish.  Once the shenanigans have commenced, and everyone is dressed in clothes that somewhat match, it’s out the door and off to work.  Stressed out wouldn’t begin to describe the hustle and bustle it takes to actually make it to work on time, and in one piece.

The day-to-day can get pretty stressful, wouldn’t you agree?  From getting ready in the morning, to going to bed at night, there is always some sort of  ‘timed regimen’ that is followed.  We take showers, brush our teeth (if we’re lucky), make phone calls, hit those deadlines, schedule meetings (while in the bathroom), and work late to bring home that bacon.  No matter what Superman-multitasking  jobs we pile on for ourselves, we are still human.  We become overwhelmed with demands and craziness with what we call our “normal”.  Well, here in Las Vegas…nothing is normal. I was relieved to hear that April is “National Stress Awareness Month”.  This mama didn’t get the memo; however, we still have some time left!  I would love to share with you some ways that my family likes to “unwind” here in the oh so beautiful Las Vegas Nevada.  So, let’s get to the goods!



Come unwind at Red Rock!
Come unwind at Red Rock!

 Red Rock Casino and Resort

My family and I love to bowl and Red Rock has some of the best lanes in Las Vegas.  Not only is it a fun place to sit and unwind, but it’s kid friendly and affordable.  The movie theater inside this casino is pretty cozy and doesn’t become overcrowded.  After the movie, grab a drink at Lucille’s BBQ inside the casino.  Delicious.  The spa isn’t too shabby either!  Two thumbs up!





This pool is uh-may-zing.
This pool is uh-may-zing.

Aliante Casino and Resort

This Resort houses one of the best pools I’ve been to.  Enjoy the day relaxing on a cabana with drinks in hand.  The kiddies love this pool, and rarely is it overcrowded.  If you happen to get a suite here, you MUST unwind in the massive spa tubs!  Across the street from Aliante you’ll find a grocery store, frozen yogurt, banks, and a liquor shop.  Beats the strip any day.  Locals love it.





Nature Discovery Park
Discovery Park

Las Vegas Parks

There are TONS of parks for the family to enjoy together.  One of our favorites is the Aliante Nature Discovery Park.  Bring a picnic!  There are BBQ pits and huge grass fields.  This park has a water feature, a beautiful rock waterfall, dinosaur fossils and digging area, shaded benches, and a lot of ducks.  If “quiet relaxing” is your thing, get to the park early.  Oftentimes there are field trips and very excited children chasing the geese around.





U-Swirl Yogurt

U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt (Self Serve)

One of the best ways to “chill” is to go to a frozen yogurt bar and indulge.  Our family goes a little nuts at U-swirl!  This chain here in Vegas also has a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory inside.  Sit on the couches inside the shop, or take your yogurt with you to the nearby park.  It’s worth the “weight”!




I hope the next time you visit Vegas, you will see the local perspective of the city!  Get away from the strip and unwind in one of the Station Casinos, have some yogurt with us, and enjoy some good ‘ol sunshine.  Put the phone down.  It’s good for you.  

Enjoy Las Vegas, and LET LOOSE!

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