Honesty: what would you have done? #atozchallenge “H”


I’ve had my moments. I have found a dollar or two laying around and pocketed the change. I’m all about giveaways or freebies, and enjoy a good dessert at a restaurant when it’s my birthday. Those things are gifts, tips, thank you’s, and have to’s (except for the occasional stranded dollar of course). Today, I was taught a lesson in value and honesty.

My daughter was extremely tired. I was just off work and ready to relax. My brain had nothing but the words “food – recliner – nap” headlining my footsteps. I scanned our groceries and it seemed like the apples were way more than I thought. “Excuse me sir,” I said to the guy that seemed to hate his job, “these apples are only 99 cents a pound but when I….” Before I could finish he shook his head and told me to scan my card, they’re on sale. Um, ok thanks.

Checkout then proceeded as follows: keys fell through cart, pick up keys. Wallet is under bananas, pick up wallet and scan bananas. Bananas aren’t scanning. Chloe, we will be done soon I promise. Bananas scan. Twice. Tomatoes were easy. Wait one fell out of the bag…crap. Chloe, we are leaving after I pay please be patient I’m trying. Ok that’s all. Scan card. Pay with cash. Run.

We got home and unpacked with a sigh of relief. Then I checked my receipt and cash. My brain switched gears to “idiot – money – hurry”. My $10.00 in change sat lonely in the dispenser at the grocery store self checkout. It probably screamed at me as I hurriedly rushed right by it. I left the poor thing there. I need that cash.

Yoga pants have been worked today with all this running around – sweet baby Jesus. I rushed back out with my receipt, my over exhausted child, and honest tears, to hopefully find my green buddy waiting for me. Well, it was not.

“Sir I have my receipt and you remember us right? We were just here 10 minutes ago can you please help me? I left my change in that self checkout there. I’m being honest you saw me pay!” Then the man who really hates his job says, “Yyyaaaa, sorry there’s just nothing we can do.”

I cried. It’s $10 yes, but I cried. I walked my yoga pants (which were now sweaty and almost sparking) over to customer service and I cried to them. “I know, that to you $10 doesn’t seem like a lot but to me it is. I was just here and someone took my change I left.” Thank God they talked to a manager who saw me pay, and gave me that beautiful green bill.

I had a conversation on the way home with my very passionately angry child. “Mom. People need to tell the truth and not take what doesn’t belong to them.” She was mad. We talked about honesty, truth, and helping others when they need it. You always try to find a way. It’s hard to trust people these days so, people don’t try as hard as they used to to help others. In addition, some people are lazy and don’t do their jobs. Period. Granted…it was totally my fault for leaving in a rush.

Do you think the clerk was following protocol because of those dishonest grocers in the past? Or, was he simply trying to “pass the buck”? He should have been watching me bag my groceries at self checkout (which he was not watching at all) and seen that my change was left. My mistake for leaving it!

Moral of this story. A dollar might mean a lot to someone. Two dollars or ten…HONESTY COUNTS.


6 thoughts on “Honesty: what would you have done? #atozchallenge “H”

    1. She just turned four, but has such an old soul. She is VERY passionate and in tune with her feelings, for a little gal. There’s a learning opportunity in everything lately! 😉 Thank you Joseph!



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