Everything. Every single thing.
Never ending somber tone
Tuned to a minor chord
Struck in a major way, somehow.

Memories flood back
Black and white the night
Quietly seeps and cries thief
As hopes become dark.

Watch your words they sting
Sweet like honey they might just be
What small minds remember
Your actions decided by facts then
Why retract them?

Regrets form from torn processes
In addition, no lessons, just progress.
Validation in forward motion but then
Memories scratch surfaces, no luck.

It matters so much, little child
Once broken cannot be undone
These memories stay forever
Everyday, in everything….every single thing.

– Remember that before action is thought, that thought requires heart, that single heart beats toward a very important “soon to be memory.” Be careful little ears what you hear. Some memories, unfortunately, last a lifetime.


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