Oh Say Can You See: Government’s greedy hand

Reality • a sense of commonality this
fallacy • blindsided me and practically I cannot see • awakened by the truth that said it’d set me free.

Perspective • throwing rocks the purple mountains rejected • taking my rights and saying its affective • losing ground this freedom warrior’s infected.

Home of the brave • give us smiles on TV we are its slave • watching endlessly to hate our culture craves • high rollers betting on my family to get paid.

Freedom • hooah yessir light ’em up lets get some • fight because your people need somewhere to run • the suits will find that soon enough their time has come.

Thank you service men and women. Wherever you stand politically, we know you work and fight for the people and for your families. The government is taking from military and therefore taking from military wives, husbands, and children. It’s wrong. Someday money and greed won’t be the force behind human actions…someday. Much love and respect to those who serve. Including my husband.



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