The Beach: Dreaming of warmth!


Warm sand sifting between saltwater bathed toes. An hourglass figure mirrored by fast moving liquid glass. The sound of rushing water envelopes the mind with rhythm. Creating a vision and transition from chaos to calm.

Holding tightly to even the bubble’s pop at each break. The crisp breeze caressing the sun drenched with its unpredictable smooth brush. Cheeks blush.

The air infused with summer’s reminiscent scent. Coconuts and fresh memories. Cool condensation embracing the refreshing mixture. Lingering till the last sweet drop melts into the hot white pillow of grains.

Licking salt kissed lips. The tongue intrigued by the intrinsic sip. Nature’s quip. The mysterious sea seemingly reaching out to escape its own drowning.

Waves breathing, inhaling as they chase the shore. Blue hue peek a boo. Pulling back the veil revealing its reeling self torture of the constant. Rolling itself continuously dizzy as it tosses back into the endless.


3 thoughts on “The Beach: Dreaming of warmth!


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