The Notebook Heiress – Dear Miss Allie


The Notebook. The title makes me gag and swoon at the same time. Mr. Sparks lit a fire with this novel turned romantic drama film in 2004. Almost 10 years later, every man in America still cringes at the sight of the sappy-soaked DVD cover. Women, girls, and teeny-boppers enveloped with the soul mate idea can now set the bar, thanks to heart-throb Noah Calhoun. His love interest, Allie, is quite a character throughout the story. She is an eccentric, entitled, confused 17-year-old about to embark on an infamous ‘summer romance’. Personally, I’d rather spare my tears for cutting onions, or giving birth, instead of watching this film a million times. However, it is still one of my top 5 mushy love stories I enjoy watching. If I could write young Allie Hamilton a letter this is what I would say:

Dear Miss Allie,

Bless your heart. You showed up to a carnival looking fabulous, and ended up being talked into a date by some crazy kid hanging off of a Ferris Wheel. They call him Duke right? Flared nostrils, beret wearing, interesting young man who was stalking you on the bumper cars? Ya, him. He fell for you quick! Luckily not off the Ferris Wheel. I personally would have accepted his advances, and just danced with the guy the first time he asked. You are a great student and no doubt impressed him with your life goals. Calling him ‘dumb’ is what sealed the deal I believe. Not that you kids laying in the middle of the street, and wasting ice cream on each other’s faces, was dumb in the slightest. I guess you needed some adventure in your life at that point, and I’m glad you finally danced with Noah. Your love story could have ended right there for me.

rachel mcadams the notebook 04

Around here I sure wish we had late night porch dances, tree swings, sunset boat trips down the lake, and creepy houses to attempt gettin’ busy in. Sounds dreamy. No wonder you fell in love. Oh, and honey you DO talk too much! Way to ruin a moment for all of America! We watched intently as the awkward disrobing took place. That red blanket made its way full circle though. You got another chance to roll around, wrap up, wind in, and on that thing through the whole summer. Well done. I don’t blame you for moving on after the break up….you had to. You beat up the poor guy and he let you fly, little bird. You did what so many of us tend to do – Give up, grow up, and let go of the fun and imagination of life. Can’t say you didn’t try though.


Noah is quite the character! I’d say he gets it from his pancake eating, poetry reading, non filter opinion having father. You know, Noah doesn’t have to be a bird if he doesn’t want to. He would have been a muscle ripped mustang in my opinion. You may have been a vulture in another life, actually. I guess he was right in saying that your feathered friends always migrate back to where they came from. You came back a couple of times to pick at some scraps. It wasn’t your fault sweetheart. Your mother was a scheming lunatic upset at her own life’s choices. She truly did ruin your perception of good ‘ol Duke. You never stopped thinking about him though, and what he gave to you – spirit, glow, and unconditional love.

He sure loved you with everything he had didn’t he? He never gave up on you and in your heart you never gave up on him. He turned ugly things into beautiful things just for you (like the plantation house). He gave courage, passion, and inspiration back to those who lost it (your painting room, the widow’s heart, and when he encouraged you to “get in the water!”) He sat through a fancy pants white suit brunch wearing black, the whole time ‘squinchy’ nosing at you. He didn’t care when you ran over the brand new fence he built, or when you almost hit him in the head with geese food. Didn’t blink twice when you called him names, flashed around that engagement ring, or played that awful out of tune piano.

Nothing else mattered to Noah Calhoun but you Miss Allie Hamilton. Your love story is one to be remembered, even though in the future you couldn’t remember it yourself. He stood by you, had faith in you, gave you hope, made you see that you were making choices for everyone else but yourself. He put himself into situations and places so you would be safe. Even though it’s sappy…..true love looks exactly like what you and Noah had. It just took you longer to find it. No judgement. We are all happy that you did.

What would you have done had you not seen him in the newspaper article that day? I wonder….Do us a favor will you? Please let us see what the letters said? That kind of love written down everyday for a year……..I want a sequel!




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