Aloha Nui Loa: A Hui Kaua (until we meet again)

I looked down on your stone today, it was the first time that we’ve met. If you could see your children now you’d be quite proud I bet.

Your son sat right beside me as he shared some memories. I could almost feel you smiling as the wind blew through the trees.

I wish 12 years ago I could’ve walked right through your door. Enjoyed our time together and looked forward to many more.

You guys have a granddaughter! She loves her daddy to the moon. She always asks about you, and if we will see you again soon.

Your daughter is my sister, a strong woman and my friend. She’s looked after your memories and the house you all lived in.

Mom, please teach me hula when I see you in the clouds! We can perform for angels and our loved ones in the crowd.

Dad, it’s been tradition that each March we raise a toast. A glass of Crown Royal to honor the man who loved it most.

I think about the times I wish I could call and say hello. To bring our daughter to visit so you could spoil her head to toe!

I don’t understand how cancer could come and take you both away. Just know our hearts can feel you near each and everyday.

Please save us seats in heaven, the good ones with a view! I sure hope God likes sports because we’re going bowling too!


6 thoughts on “Aloha Nui Loa: A Hui Kaua (until we meet again)

    1. Thank you. I’m glad it moved you as much as it did me! I knew (and had a crush on) my husband in high school, and we lived only 8 minutes away from one another. I never met his parents…wish I had now.



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