I’d Wait For You: CQ Poetry In Motion

Let me introduce you to my talented friend, poet, musician and writer, Ray!

The way this song came about was simply…moving. I had written a poem awhile ago for my husband, and never published it. The basis of the poetry highlighted the road it’s taken to get to where we are today. The more I read the poem, the more I realized it would be perfect if I could compose it as a song.

Since I play piano, but am to embarrassed to sing on camera, I needed a talent to collaborate with. Then I thought of Ray and his amazing ability to create musical magic from the written word. I was thrilled to get the video of my words set to such a beautiful melody!

This poem/song has carried with both Ray and I through some big life changes. It speaks to us personally, and I hope it will speak to your heart as well.

Give it a listen!

***If you would like to collaborate with CQ, please contact me in the Guest Book page.


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