Verbal Sword: Words Hurt


Please stop. You need to calm down. *Slowly wipes her tears as she sits down.

You think you’re so smart huh, but can’t do nothin right!
*His teeth grinding together, he’s looking for a fight.

Can you just listen to what I have to say?
*Her thoughts and opinions never matter anyway.

You can speak when I’m done, and I’m not even close yet.
*She hears her inner voice say, ‘Give in, Forfeit.’

Ok, no more yelling. You’re scaring me. *Spit flying off his mouth. His anger set free.

Without me you’re nothing! You’re lucky you know?
*As she’s bashed down, she has no where to go.

The things you’re saying they’re just not true!
*Locked in the bathroom, the screams pierce through.

Open the door you stupid bitch!
*She reaches up and turns off the switch.

Just so we are clear, you belong to me. *Her mind and body was his. His property.

Please! Stop! I can’t do this anymore.
*Her pregnant belly hugging the floor.

There are other women who want me you know?
*Threatening to cheat with coworkers and hoes.

I’m better than this, go away! Give me space!
*He punches in the door. His fist inches from her face.

She kneels down and places her hand on her cheek. She wonders how a man could label her…..weak.

She doubts her strength and her bravery. Seeking cutting, or suicide, to set her free.

Each time she gets up she’s pushed further down to the ground. Her heart heavy and broken, but she speaks not a sound.

She is stuck in the grip of the ugliest anger. Seeking kindness from children, family, or strangers.

The man in her home keeps her hostage each day. She can never be freed, she sees no other way.

With a smile on her face she faces each blow. Giving up all hope, the words cut to her soul.

No one can see past the sparkle of her eyes. The pain and insecurity hidden well by disguise.

If you, or someone you know is in an abusive situation, SPEAK OUT!!!! Make yourself available to them, and listen.



3 thoughts on “Verbal Sword: Words Hurt

  1. I have heard many stories like this. My heart goes out to you. I pray that you are out, or will get out, of this abusive relationship. You are beautiful and powerful. Take back your life. ~ Dennis


    1. Thank you again Dennis! I took my life back, and am a powerful, strong, beautiful woman (*grrrrrr*) Now re-married and have joint custody with my 4 year old. She’s my light. My driving force to become a better person daily.



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