The Simplicity of Destiny: The Desert Storm’s Reveal


Staring at distance. Perched above the rocks she crawled out from. Bright and calmly toned colors embrace the valley. Contrast to the dark vast backsplash. Above, the storm circles in a rhythmic pattern.

Beauty in the eyes, behold. Tired from pointing out views. The wind grows cold and whips through slow sips of saliva off lips too dry to kiss.

She holds out her arms. Open to interpretation from angels dissecting her heart. The stars fall. Entangled in the web we have woven.

Intricate black lace placed on shoulders that have carried the world. Starting to tear at the seams which seem to be helpless. Tears fell on earth’s soul…bare. Evaporate for the careless.

Contemplating eternity through muddled sounds of thoughts drowning. Hypnotized by chanting whispers. Silence enveloped by the the touch of spirits. Sound mind – she can hear melodies of clarity.

The sky weeps, and paints brushes with life for the moment. Her eyelashes tagged by playful drops. Pain stops.
The simplicity of minutes not counted. Locking up the hands for seconds lost.

Walking slowly. Fingers caress the void. A sense of feeling. An attempt to hold fast. She gasps. Finding meaning in the experience of pure absence. Thunder applauds and echoes to the edge of sight. With clenched fists greets her destiny.

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