Sugar Cookie Castle

Not motivated. Hated the past that creeped up like the Hulk ate it.

Meditated, created this beast and paid it. Lost cause. Hope nauseated and tripped into cruel and jaded.

Open mind surgery. Painless cure. You see, time is dead to me. Scalpel cuts deep sores. Flying through exit doors with slippery floors.

Keep your sight. Fight the night like shadows on rooftops. Plain sight, no flight. Stuck to you, and seen within the sewn patterns. It matters as the glass shatters.

Footprints rinse the blood stained path do the math, revenge’s black wrath. Future is carved out. Whole grain, rot your brain. Green and fried. Throwing tomatoes, keep it in pride. Soaked, tired and tried.

Drowning in this mouth. Gone south for the winter. Cold splinter. Ran through space and hit enter. Tied up again, trapped in a cage with no pen. Beginning or end.

Repetition. Like division for a kid with a deficit for attention. Homework clocks out. Quit the pout. Sour mouth full of self doubt.

Want that bright light- flashlight. Lead the way, see truth like X-ray. Vision scarred, with broken bars the music plays as we stumble. Be humble. Your sugar cookie castle will crumble.


17 thoughts on “Sugar Cookie Castle

  1. Dark. Impressive. No, seriously, impressive. This has a rhythm to it, broken, yes, like Jeet Kune Do, effective in a simplicity that can’t be described unless spoken aloud, but even then it cannot be described so much, but felt. Nicely done.


  2. I like this – I can’t say why – only able to respond with this:

    ‘Living without creativity-
    like trying to create
    without living.
    Our spirits born
    in creation beseech us
    to spring to life newness;
    exploration and expression,
    into all we are…
    to do this: we must live,
    as if tomorrow all of creation
    dies- lest our spirit dies within.’

    I wrote this when I was questioning whether putting time and effort into writing/painting (blah blah) was worth it, midst juggling the duties of mummidom etc. Got my answer πŸ˜‰


    1. I like it! πŸ™‚ I feel as though creativity itself is a hidden, sort of, fragile state of mind. Often teetering between passion and the stresses of life. I just felt motivated to write a piece about the push and pull of the two.


      1. Oh forever!! It is good to write it. THIS is why we do it yeah? To bridge that gap between passion and stress? Stress sets in soooo quickly when creativity does not intervene. I really should make time to be more constructively creative! But then maybe that defeats the objective?? Though: Maybe bringing that ‘sort of fragile state of mind’ into life in ALL we do is the trick ;)Dunno – still working on that one!


  3. Jessica! Wow. I love this.
    So dark in a revealed way with such edge and attitude.
    Well done.
    I have been away so long this summer and now into fall that I’ve missed this slight transition of yours.
    I love, love, love so many aspects of this piece!
    Cheers girl. My favorite yet.
    Time for a re blog for sure!



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