Shadow of Death: The Valley Soldier


Feet greeted by a crimson blood spatter. Scattered like shattered clay jars, patterned matter.

Like the words that God had spoken.
Ripped open to reveal the black hate the heart soaked in.

Singed by heat from breath of the devious. Mysterious’ regrets grief left to us seems perilous.

Tongues pierced through by gnashing teeth. Souls sowed now reap what they speak, the weak weep.

The shadow shakes the inner core. Daybreak illuminates mistakes humans make. Bit the apple, licked the floor.

Burned blistered figures blackened and cracked. Peppered with ash, step back as light drowns the attack.

4 thoughts on “Shadow of Death: The Valley Soldier

    1. This poem was created after a creepy dream I had. To describe its darkest moments, you would have to see it for yourself. I tried to capture the imagery the best I could. Glad you liked it! Thanks for reading! 🙂


    1. I am not the artist for the photo/graphic. It was taken from an X-box game called, “Diablo III” found in a Google search. However, the words are mine.



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