Viva Las Vegas


The city of sins, Cirque, and unique citizens. Blinding lights, high card fights, hot days. Parlays. Hit the deck, push. Go all in, Blackjack, Roulette, shots, Gin. Cocktails, and body parts delicately balanced.

The tedious walk past the slots. Dollar tip. Lost that quick.

Sports book loud cheers, hot dogs and dollar beers. Drunk people and bums litter. X-rated cards blown around. Street full of glitter. They paper cut, torturing feet. The wind howls down smelly alleys.

Dark and uninviting places mixed in with the flashing temptations.

The Strip, strip steak, strippers, and striped bodies from the scorching sun. Still search for fun. Deep fried Oreo, filet mignon. Walking straight don’t look up. Eye contact proves awkward.

Alcohol swirling the rim. The edge of a curb the fall of death, catch your breath.

Tourists with no common courtesy curtsy sarcastically. English not heard in the herd. Push the button to walk across. Break through, sweat, photo bombing on accident. Eventually forgotten hilarity.

Memories via photograph from a stranger, how strange.

Cackling women in a mind altered state. They share loud slurs in our elevator….great. Heels in hand they wobble through the grand hallway. Hit the club. Find their prince. Sloppy love.

Lip gloss smear. Purse is cursed with cologne. Classy status, time for you to go home.

Cars on the freeway don’t know what merge means. I swear. Swearing hits the ears of children. Idiotic disrespectful vermin still learning. Portraying intoxicating messes.

No sense of boundaries, yet they crossed oceans to get here.

Midst the disgusting eye catchers, there is beauty. Locals put choke holds on tourists. Too vocal.

This is where I reside.

The Strip



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