Goosed: The Dynasty Ducks

Stepping through sparks from the masses • massive magnifying glasses pointing towards interpretations of “truth” • Phil’s dynasty “goosed” by a culture confused on how to choose words wisely • you can’t please everyone…unless you’re Miley.

~ CQ



3 thoughts on “Goosed: The Dynasty Ducks

  1. I like your thoughts….
    politically correct has taken over Webster’s dictionaries job…
    if I am offended, or don’t like something
    I have a magickal button that turns it off….Poof like magick it is no longer there for me to see or hear…
    people need to get a life…and quit trying to control everyone’s thoughts….it’s a diversified world not a singular thought system…well at least for now…
    ( and no I didn’t see the magazine, or the TV show ( I don’t watch TV) I just believe in the Freedom of Speech, even if I don;t agree…or if I do I should be okay to say so)
    Thank you for your wise words…
    Take Care…You Matter….



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