The Artist’s Eye

The Artist’s Eye

I see all forms of creativity defined by prophesy and imagery. Weeping onto pages old ink smudges are today’s old grudges. Forming, no, becoming that which is pure. My eyes capture moments only seen by emotion’s vision. Often blinded by its true intention leading to cohesion. Ideas racing up at night pacing those dreams made reality seem stale. The hands sketch loudly to a rhythm created by the strums of carbon against pale skin. The script has tripped upon itself onto the spine and into imagination. My eyes touch the tips and points. Letters scatter melting together into a symphony piercing the underside of the page with intensity. My eyes, blue as ocean’s waves roll past paragraphs. These eyes see movement in human nature. Human and nature flowing without knowing the other’s song. These eyes, an Artist’s Eyes.




8 thoughts on “The Artist’s Eye

  1. Jess – we have a little too much in common 😀 The way you wrote this is just so much of how it is. AND this piece of music…nevermind the vid – just perfect. Thank you for leading me here. I think this is where you meant- you have sooo much on your blog!(not a bad thing!)


    1. Lol I have been contemplating my blog lately. Should it just be poetry? Should I leave stories to my Facebook page? Shoulda coulda blah blah blah. I can’t seem to contain my artistic ADD. I am very happy that you find joy in the pieces on here…that has been my goal from day one. 🙂


      1. Dear Lord! I just started…and OMG – such decisions when their is so MUCH going on in our heads. Poems; paintings; photos; stories; essays; anecdotes..precious moments …and ofcourse don’t forget the RANTS 😉 I think you have put it all together very well.


        1. Awesome. I think once my computer decides to work, I’ll re-arrange my categories for easier read. I appreciate you, your comments, and that you take time to read my heart. That’s what this is all about.



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