Morning Duty: A poem written during WWII

Morning Duty

This poem was written by my grandfather during his service in WWII.  I was rummaging through some old photos and found this gem!  I also found a silk map, newspaper clippings, and a letter from the Secretary of the Navy addressed to him.  There are many memories of my grandpa, but his war stories were my favorite.  I hope you enjoy his poem as much as I do.



Now is when I should be in bed, but I’m at this lonely watch instead. 

I’m keeping vigil against our foe.  They’ll be here sometime, that I know.

And they’ll try a sneak raid like before, but I’m on watch like many more. 

If he so much as shows his nose, off OUR western coast he goes. 

Our “Lightnings” and our “Corsairs” too, will also help to bring this true. 

But people just like you and me, are here on guard for liberty. 

Bust as long as we are on our posts, there will never be slaughter on our free coasts. 

If they should happen to get past our armed guard, we will keep hitting – hitting hard.

Our coastline is long and all of that.  As long as there are American’s we’ll keep fighting back.

Most of the people who are on our posts, volunteer for jobs – we need them most!

Some slackers I’ve seen in my eight years here, but most turn out when the showdown is near.

There are still  few lazy ones that are left.  The only reward they will get is death.

So here’s to faithful and ever loyal, who never give up their endless toil.

This might sound rough and it might sound good – but it’s meant for the best to the very last word.


Good luck fellows! 

Written by:  Mr. Floyd Franklin Haynes Jr.

(Bud Haynes – 6/28/1943)


2 thoughts on “Morning Duty: A poem written during WWII

  1. What a WONDERFUL discovery! I do alot of the genealogy in my family and found a book about how one of my relatives back in the 1700’s converted to Catholicism and the drama around that. Fascinating find…. Thanks for sharing.



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