Work in progress!!

20130924-201116.jpg*gasp!!!* SHE LIVES! (And writes again!)

I’m currently working on somewhat of a ‘healing’ post. Personal stories always take awhile, and the revisions seem endless! Plus, my IPhone is my typewriter these days and it’s a pain in the ass, honestly.

There is so much going in in the Carpenter household…and I LOVE IT. Between the story, and spending time with my husband, I have only a few minutes to read some of your writings. I will be browsing through more often to comment! Many of you post daily, many times a day, everyday without a breather. That’s wonderful keep it coming!

So lately I’m thinking about condensing the “Carpenters Quill” blog down to only poetry, and creating another one for everything else (quotes, personal stories, children’s book, etc.) That way I may be able to keep things straight and on topic. What do you think? What should I name the new blog?!


One thought on “Work in progress!!


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