Do you happen to have the time?


Life is run by precious time, and lately there doesn’t seem to be enough of it. There are so many things that are happening all at once…

• The battery is dead in our car.

• We have to move out of our rental in the next 2 months (after living here for over a year now) because our realtor’s lied to the HOA.

• My daughter leaves next weekend for four months to visit her dad. I am cherishing our moments (without my cell phone in my hand all the time).

• My uncle was given 2-6 months to live. He is not responding to chemo, and the Leukemia is too advanced now. I need to find time and money to fly home to see him.

• I have been working part time, while being full time mom and wife at the same time all the time.

• My husband has been dealing with doctors and back surgeons who waste our time and fill him up with more pain killers. This has been extremely frustrating.


I miss writing. Be back soon from all of life’s craziness.

4 thoughts on “Do you happen to have the time?

    1. Last night I got word that he is home now, and is on hospice. The doctors gave him a week before he left (things are just spiraling down for him quickly). Most likely I won’t make it to say goodbye. It’s so hard losing a loved one. We have great memories though. 😉



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