The Tale of a Fairy: The endless search

She was as pure as a drifting flake of snow – nature’s gift from above. Soaked in heaven’s rain and covered with Mother Earth, she beamed a smile even the gods would envy. Her hazel eyes were more enchanting than the stars’ gaze as they pierce through the darkness. Her hair gently draped along her spine as a blanket of protection.

She walked slowly down the moss covered path. Wet clay embraced the soft skin between her toes. Heels cold from barefoot ventures through the dew soaked brush. Her hair whipped back and forth as she skipped over small rocks and creeks separated by tall skinny trees. Their bark, once white and dull, were now a shimmering light sepia. The rain dripped softly from leaves spinning with the breeze as if performing a dance for their passerby. She smiled. You could almost hear the applause from the treetops.

As she cinched her dress past her knees, she viewed mud covered feet surrounded by ripped, dirty, and wet fabric. Picking up the pace she felt each pore on her face tighten as the raindrops dried for a split second. Her heart began to beat faster. The thunder, becoming jealous of its sound, began to crack louder around her. She inhaled the sweet scent of honeysuckle and crisp cool water, and exhaled to give back a long, cool, thank you at the sky.

She basked in the sunlight from what seemed to be the only rays to escape the cruel dark clouds. They caressed her face and the glow circled around her, mimicking how the light flutters beneath the ocean floor. She could feel small trickles of heat touching her skin. Her essence was simple, plain, and ordinary, yet the extravagance of her appearance was that which deemed a standing ovation.

She didn’t know the power she held by just the richness of her character, and the depth of her passion. One day she would find the one she endlessly searched for.


2 thoughts on “The Tale of a Fairy: The endless search

  1. what a wonderful tale you have spun…
    though it feels like more truth than fiction…
    Beautiful energy…Thank you for sharing…
    Take care…



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