Ode to Pinterest: our love/hate relationship

Pinterest, oh Pinterest, you tempt me each day.

I stare at my laptop while time wastes away.

There are recipes everywhere I cannot stop looking!

I pin yummy pictures with no intention of cooking.

Restoring some furniture when I get the chance!

Is that really a picture for ‘picnic pants’?


You’ve shown me hairstyles too impossible to create.

The one with dying tips? Saw that one too late.

From tattoos and art, to science and memes,

you have me pegged on this couch pinning photos of dreams.

The style board is full of great outfits and finds.

The shoes, oh the shoes! I wish they were mine.

DIY section is pure mother’s bliss.

Every photo I mutter, “I’ve gotta try this!”


Not sure what to stare at? Or scroll down? Or Pin?

Just click on “everything” it’s good place to begin.

Animals, Architecture, Art and History. Cars, Design, Geek, Celebrities!

Film, Music, Hair, Kids, Quotes, Sports, Decor.

Each topic refreshed hourly, holy crap there’s more?

Tattoos? No way! I’d like to see some.

So many inspirations, but I bet we choose the same one.

Planning a wedding? Not even engaged?

‘Like’ every photographer you see on each page.


You can learn about parenting, yoga, and knitting.

How to build a bunk bed, or do sit ups while ‘sitting’.

Remember those decorations at your friend’s baby shower?

Thank a pinner for that, it only took her an hour.

Going to a potluck? Have company coming in?

No worries! The best ideas always start with a pin.

Slumber party weekend? No problem this way!

Click on on the board labeled, “Let the Kids Play!”

There’s strange things and odd sayings but man are they great.

Guys, get on this site if you’re planning a date!

Every quote is suspended in a beautiful way.

Usually it’s Ryan Gosling with something to say.


Pinterest, oh Pinterest, window shopping at it’s best,

but it’s time to put down the computer, and give it a rest.

I’d like to use my imagination with my daughter sometimes.

That seems to be one thing on here I will NEVER find.

If I could I’d pin experiences of quality time,

but I can’t have those moments pinning a life that’s not mine.

You truly are a vision, a compilation of dreams.

You hold just a few million of my favorite things.

Pinterest, oh Pinterest, I love you I do.

You had me pinned for awhile, but I bid thee adieu.


Your’s Truly (not anymore),

Carpenter’s Quill

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