Cooking With Chloe: Snickerapple Salad

Oh my gosh where did the time go? Seriously! Chloe made this delicious treat on the 4th of July (yes, that long ago). It is a super simple dessert that yields a whole lotta goodness. Here is what you’ll need:


10 (or more) Green apples

2 large tubs of vanilla whipped cream

2 large boxes of vanilla instant pudding

A bunch of Snickers (recipe calls for 6 full size candy bars….I went with 10 and saved leftovers)

1 Bottle of caramel sauce squeeze

1 cup milk

First, wash the apples and count them with your kiddo. Let them take the stickers off of the skin and pull the stems. Apples will fly everywhere, but no one ever complained of a bruised dessert.


Now, this part takes awhile. So, eat a Snickers and chop to it!

Little cubes are best!

Here is my “ham”ster pouring both packets of instant pudding into a bowl

Whisk in the milk!

Best part is the whipped cream! Honestly, I didn’t measure this ingredient. It really depends on what you want the consistency to be.


When whisking, hold tightly to the utensil. If you do not, you’ll have whipped cream on the floor (and ceiling) instead of in the bowl.


I lost my helper at this point. She is washing off the whisk, and trying so badly not to lick it! Now you’ll chop the Snickers into cubes. I recommend NOT refrigerating them prior to chopping.


Then drizzle the caramel on top! Easy peasy and fun. 😉


*Original recipe was found on as well as Pinterest



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