THUMBS UP THURSDAY: Featured blog!

Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for…

Eric Tonningsen of ‘Awakening to Your Story’. Check out his talented work here:

This inspirational author was given a big thumbs up by the writer of Whimsicaleclecticist.

This is what the referrer had to say about Eric’s blog:

“I find his blog incredibly inspiring and enlightening. Not only do I highly value the immense wisdom he bares, I also thoroughly enjoy how he goes about sharing it with us all. I read and love every single post he makes, and somehow he manages to post these gems with remarkable frequency. I really get a lot out of it.”

Well done Eric Tonningsen! A big pat on the back to you from your referral, and myself. Your work is appreciated, and you are making an impact on your readers! You very much deserve…..



Who will you refer? Absolutely love a blog and want to have them featured? Here are the steps for Thumbs Up Thursdays! See you soon, and keep up the good word!

– CQ



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