Rainbows of Austria: For my sweet friend Belinda

This poem is for my lovely friend, Belinda. She is beautiful inside and out with a talent for poetry and the written word. Her smiles seem to jump out of cyberspace, and have reached many friends here on WordPress. Please stop by her blog, Busy Mind Thinking. She is incredibly talented, and one tough cookie! Go get ’em.
This storm raging within cannot begin to drown my motivation. The red yellows and blues of these bruises, much like the rainbow, bring promises of new beginnings.

The window panes pain my spine, as I find frustration and seclusion from the confusion in my mind. I expect the unexpected as this human is infected but no, my spirit has been resurrected.

For love all encompassing passing its compass to me, so that I can write my path straight to destiny. Meaning every which way my pen has went time spent with sleeping angels as they gift me with content.

Friends, ah yes! The sunlight pours in from a long fight just right, warms my soul and brings pure bliss. Smiles contagious.

I reach for clarity with limited dexterity. These walls have nothing on my heart, my spirit, or me.

I wake up each day and will continue to thrive. If you need me, you’ll find me where the hills are alive.

This is for you Miss B.
What Are Words


15 thoughts on “Rainbows of Austria: For my sweet friend Belinda

  1. I have read it again and again, each time feeling more and more emotion. I would love to send you a warm embrace for how you touch my life daily, and huge bear hugs for how you have touched me with this. Much love and affection. Belinda



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