My Musical Zen: Emotional motivation to descriptive writing.

Take a look at this photo. Beautiful isn’t it? Now, stare deeply at its edges, its curves, and its outer confinement. It is a photo of a beach at sunset (Captain obvious here). It has some deep rich colors, and a little movement captured by the lens.

It once was alive. It once held emotion only appreciated by the photographer. The senses were taken over as he held the moment in a snapshot. What we are left with is this scene to interpret. Personally, the image begs me for a visit. Here is a trick I use to jump into my photographs.

Music. That’s it. It awakens my senses, and I then begin to interpret purely by my emotions…because I was physically there, if only for a moment (call me crazy!) Try this out:

Envision the photo. Listen with eyes closed to:

SIGHT: Describe the color you see in the photo off of your emotional response. (Light, dark, piercing, tired, mysterious….)

Now, try this one:

TOUCH/SOUND: What does the weather feel like? What sounds do you hear standing at the water’s edge?

Here is my favorite:


TASTE/SMELL: First emotion, for me, is memories. What does the salty air and crisp scent remind you of? Stand in the picture, arms wide, and FEEL.

Most of my music choices are slow, sad, and spiritually moving for me. If we switch up the tempo to a more ‘peppy’ tone, your descriptive senses would be completely different! Get lost in a picture as often as you can. There is something magical about how our emotions can capture our souls into a photo, a moment, a glimpse into serenity itself. Try it…and then take a nap. 😉

Here’s one to help you run down the shore!!!




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