Green Anger Plays a Mean Drum!

I seem to make everyone around me angry. I’m a clanging gong. I bang on their heads numb and talk dumb. My skin is green. Veins shatter at each loud syllable. There go the symbols. I’m messed up and unteachable. Reach me grace, and slap this fool. She’s going crazy in a very serious way.


4 thoughts on “Green Anger Plays a Mean Drum!

  1. This came up in my feed with the my favorite big green guy – HE’S GONE – can’t see him here 😦
    My youngest (4) calls him ‘Mr Trolly’
    She has a point – anger is just there to ‘Troll’ us. Whether it’s our own or something we evoked in others. It just sets us off track. As much can be said for all the other crappy emotions(when they get out of hand!)
    I love how you wrote this out –


      1. YAY! He is back!! Awe maaan – days like that can’t be avoided sometimes hey 😦 So horrid…but always a learning curve in them somehow 😉 Just depends on how quickly we can forgive ourselves or others or the situation. THATS the thing about writing isn’t it? We can just put it there 🙂 I am sure I saw somewhere that you paint/draw too or something?? Or am I confused? Anyway – hope today went a little ‘smoother’. 😉


        1. It’s not the same without the green man visual comin’ at ya. 😉 I’m learning about changes I need to make personally, and controlling my emotions somehow. My mouth gets me in trouble so I prefer to write. I did write a story about my painting! Check it out! Today is rough sorting everything out in my head but…today is a new day.



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