Current Read: Generation Kill


Cannot put this book down (and I’m only on Chapter 4)! I’ll give you a full review once I pry my nose from it. What pages are you getting lost in lately?


3 thoughts on “Current Read: Generation Kill

  1. I loved this book, I watched to HBO series afterwards and liked it as well. Alexander Skarsgard helped with any gaps from the story! 😉
    I am totally lost in Owen King’s Double Feature – I only have 20 pages left and it is killing me! I am saving it like I save a piece of chocolate – my sweet book treat before bed.


    1. Oooooo…let me know how that one is! Sounds like quite a read! I am only able to have my “sweet treat” for a couple hours a day (while my daughter is napping). When I go to bed its lights out for me once I hit my pillow. 😉



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