WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Companionable – Photo Gallery

Below are some photos of what “Companionable” means to me.  Enjoy!

These two pups are my, “HAIRY COMPANIONS“.  Zeus is a pure bred Dogo Argentino.  I inherited his lovely large self when I married his master.  He is a sweet, loving, cuddly guy that loves a good ear scratch.  This white beast is our guard dog.  I’m sure he could do some massive damage to an intruder (thank goodness that’s never happened!)  Kona is a pit bull mixed with some sort of hunting breed.  She believes that she is a lap dog with tummy rubbing privileges.  Kona B. Rona drives us crazy with her toys, and is always up for a good bath.  She is a strange pup though, and enjoys watching TV with us (Shrek is her favorite).  Her and Zeus are good buddies, and I couldn’t imagine coming home and not seeing these two jumping around for joy.

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Now, this little woman is my “BUDDY COMPANION“.  Chloe Rose, our daughter, is the light of my life.  We are two peas in a pod.  She’s my girl, and my companion always!  I couldn’t imagine life without this lil’ bean!

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I could not ask for a better “COMPANION IN LIFE“.  He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.  He has been a father and role model to Chloe from day one, and in my opinion, that takes the courage of a real man!  He’s my best friend, and I am one lucky girl to be able to call this man my husband!

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