30: Curves and Round Endings


Thirty is an interesting, daunting, mysterious number. Personally, I don’t see it in terms of ‘years’ at all. I look at its curvy, fun, twirly beginnings that end in one big round ending (if you catch my drift). I think of ‘Thrifty’s’ ice cream when I see the word, or being ‘thirsty’, or ‘be there at 6:30’. I do not see it as an age. Maybe I’m avoiding it? Some try to zest it up and call it, ‘thirty and flirty’ or ‘dirty thirty’. Nothing about that is clever, stop it. Maybe I’m bitter because today….is my 30th birthday. *party horns blaring, and confetti flying in the air*

Honestly, don’t tell anyone, but I’m actually pretty excited about it. My 20’s seemed to last too long in the ‘figure out who you are stage’ – I’m happy to be movn’ on up! I’m pretty sure that we continue to figure this whole thing out until we die anyways. So, I might as well embrace my curves and round end! I did a LOT within my roaring twenties, and looking back I’m proud of who I have become.

Here are some things I will never forget about my twenties:

I moved in and out of 5 cities (Victorville, Apple Valley, Roseville, Rocklin, Las Vegas). My places of residence within those cities changed about 10 times. I taught preschool, managed two dance studios, taught dance disciplines to kids and teens, worked as a marketing specialist, was a sales and home show gal, helped start up a charter school, and became their secretary. I volunteered with Invisible Children, World Vision, St. Baldricks, and Keaton Raphael Memorial. I went skydiving, found out I LOVE sushi, and got a couple tattoos. I met some of my very best friends, and found a deeper relationship with God. I became sick on a cruise ship, got kicked off, and was trapped in a hospital in Puerto Vallarta (that’s a long story). I ran a marathon, and walked one too. I danced like crazy. I went to every salsa club in Sacramento and loved it. I was in a bad car accident. I traveled to Uganda, London, Boston, and Vermont. I had my first sip of Moonshine. I bought my very first rice cooker (it’s amazing). I was engaged at age 21, and when that didn’t pan out I found myself engaged again at age 23. I married when I turned 24, and became a mother at 27. I got divorced at 28, and married again just before my 29th birthday. I can fit into a size 7 (on a good day). I still can’t throw a Frisbee. I got my first bowling title with the Amateur Bowlers Tour (ABT).

As I teetered on the edge of 29 I could taste victory. I truly have become a grown ass woman. One that is proud, blessed, and encouraged. I feel that age is only a number and with it comes wisdom, wit, and laugh lines. I’ve learned to grow through hardships, soak up the memories, have positive perceptions, and be thankful for the blessings. I’m glad I traveled many avenues to create my identity as a real ‘grown up’. Those twists and turns have shaped me. My 30 is looking good!

*I found the picture posted below, and couldn’t help but smile. I’m not sure what story the picture is supposed to tell for this couple, but for me I see two happy people enjoying the moment of pure fun. I believe being silly keeps us young at heart. Any advice for me being newly 30? What age did you come to realize you finally grew up? Or, have you? πŸ˜‰

Good day to all!


Happy Aging


3 thoughts on “30: Curves and Round Endings

  1. Wait, have you already turned 30? If so, happy birthday, and welcome to the club! If not…watch out…I’ve only been in it a week and my hair is already turning gray :/ Okay, that might be the hair dye…

    On a serious note, you can’t go wrong with sushi (unless it’s bought from some nondescript grocery store that doesn’t know how to keep the ginger fresh), and I envy you your skydiving. One day. One day. This is a pretty awesome post: positive, forward thinking, and treating 30 just as it should be treated, which is like the number it is. Very well said!



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