Creativity: Have the guts!



12 thoughts on “Creativity: Have the guts!

  1. Artists, writers, photographers, dancers, musicians and poets are their own worst critic. Nature of the beast, but this quote is perfect. Self doubt serves NO purpose. If you don’t like my style of writing… no worries to me…


      1. As a singer/songwriter I still battle this. But in the end, it’s “MY” song. “MY” lyrics… “MY” feelings I pour out. That’s why I write. For ME.


  2. Absolutely – if we could all just put our thoughts out there without all the self doubt that that involves, it would be so much easier! So many times I have started to write a post and then thought better of it!!


  3. Just wanted to stop by your blog and say thank you so much for your appreciation of the poem I wrote with Jennifer David for her PAY IT FORWARD Thursday post. Your kind words mean so much to me. Peace and blessings, Michele



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