Weekly Photo Challenge: FLEETING

Weekly Photo Challenge:  FLEETING

View each precious moment with a new set of eyes. Hold on tight to child-like wonder, too often fleeting as we die. Imagination is one thing that never ages with the days. Find passion in the mystery, in new and youthful ways.

This photo of my daughter was taken at the Dolphin Exhibit, in Mandalay Bay.  I remember this trip well, as this little pig-tailed toddler couldn’t get to the dolphins fast enough.  She ran up to each window and called out to the ‘fishies’.  With squeals and giggles she looked back at us and said, “See them guys?”  You could barely see the dolphins swimming around, but she didn’t care.  My chubby kiddo was two years old at the time of this picture.  Her joy and passion for the mysterious was amazing to see at that age. Now almost four, she still shows me what ‘child-like wonder’ is in pure form.

These moments will be all but fleeting memories, I suppose.  I only hope that my little girl will remember these moments of wonder, and hold tight to them as she grows up.


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