The Adventures of Derby: ROUGH teaser

So years ago I had this idea to write a children’s book about…..dust bunnies. I’m tired of reading the same books about farm animals, and going to the zoo. BORING. I read a book not too long ago about a ‘magic gourd’. I wasn’t sure about that one but hey, someone made their strange idea come to life, so why can’t I?

This little dust bunny came into my thoughts as, “Derby”. A quiet outcast, but always up for adventure. He’s a fluffy rabbit-dust bunny hybrid with a dog sidekick named, “Ruffle”. He also has a buddy that is his guide and encouragement in the future named, “Bun”. I thought about books or adventures down the line with Derby as being like those of Mercer Mayer. Easy reads with simple phrases that relate to everyday kid’s ‘stuff’. However, Derby is growing into a series and is getting more in-depth (not sure that’s a good thing because its gonna take for-ev-er). Basically he is scared to fly because he can’t make himself sneeze (that’s how Gazoon’s take off into flight). So, he ventures outside Katooza to find out what will get him up and out from under the rug. He will meet all kinds of animals and bugs on the way, and will find new routes of travel (fans, cats, crickets, etc.) The adventures will be fun! The books will teach character of courage and bravery, keep friendship as the key, and show how being different is always a good thing. Crazy idea? Yes. I really would appreciate your feedback on this one. Thank you! šŸ˜‰

The Adventures of Derby: The Escape

Under the blue rug and far away, is the town of Katooza where Gazoons live and play. Each one full of dust from their head to their knees, they fly through the air with a squeak of a sneeze! Katooza is busy, everyone in a hurry. Except for one dust bunny, they like to call “Derby”. He is the fluffiest and dustiest, a cute little guy. But he is sure different – he is too scared to fly. Now don’t get me wrong Derby likes to have fun, with his stinky dog Ruffle and trusty friend Bun. He watches other bunnies take flight with such ease, if only poor Derby could just learn to sneeze.

Katooza has rules to keep every bunny aware, that if you leave the blue rug it’s dangerous ‘out there’. The rules are quite simple, you must not fly at noon. For if you are seen the Bigs use the vacuum. ‘Bigs’ are the people who open the door. They let in the sunlight and mop up the floor. They are always in the way! Bumping bunnies in flight, and stepping on Gazoons in the middle of the night. The sweeper comes round everyday on the dot. The Gazoons all get frightened, but Derby does not. He knows that the Bigs will not lift up the rug. Katooza is safe to dust bunny and bug.

But, one summer day a day just like the rest, Derby put his courage to the ultimate test. “Ruffle come on lets go for a walk!” Everyone was sleeping as he looked back at the clock. If anytime is the right time, than that time is soon. For the clock in the kitchen had just struck high noon. As he reached the tattered corner of Katooza he thought, “Oh man, bad idea. I’m scared a whole lot.” He lifted the rug and started to run. When he noticed another bunny left too….it was bun!

“What are you doing here Derby? You can’t fly,” said Bun with a squint from the sun in his eye. “It’s noon and the Bigs are coming home for the day! Go back to Katooza, you’re just in the way!” Derby glared back at Bun and he said with a shout, “I’m flying today. No more being freaked out!”


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