Thinking Positive

Good Morning (from Las Vegas)! I hope all of you are enjoying the weekend. I am, but for some reason today I have found myself in a negative slump. I had to “think myself out” of a bad ‘Debbie Downer’ attitude already this morning. All I had to do was look at my sleeping husband, and cuddle with our 3 year old daughter. I thought about the roof over our heads, the breakfast we just ate, and the fun events of the day ahead of us. I took a breath in, and was thankful for it. I remembered that there is always something good in each moment, and those are the moments that need to be savored. It’s hard in some circumstances to choose happiness, but our lives are fleeting! I don’t want to waste one of God’s beautiful days being a grump.

You may be blessed to have 24 hours today. What are some of your positive thoughts this morning? How will you choose to spend those precious hours?



2 thoughts on “Thinking Positive


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