Another Abused Child Unheard: Failed by those sworn to protect the innocent

Rest in peace sweet Gabriel
Rest in peace sweet Gabriel

Gabriel was only eight years old.  He lost his life on Friday when the lungs that were pierced with BB gun pellets, could no longer provide him a breath.  He slipped away as his burned and bruised skin was slowly covered.  The bleached white hospital sheets giving him the only comfort he’s had in a long time.  With a cracked skull, broken ribs, and teeth missing from his smile, Gabriel met the angels.  His mother met the staff in the hallway, telling them that her son did this harm to himself.

The truth from the way I see it is, the system failed him.  He needed saviors of this life.  Even when they were sent to help him, they waited.  They waited 20 days after a complaint came in regarding abuse in his home.  The LA Times article states that, “Gabriel’s case went two months past the legally mandated deadline for completion.”  There were SIX investigations (SIX!!!!)  into abuse allegations over the last DECADE and still…his protectors failed to get him out of that home.  With words like “unfounded” they breezed past his paperwork, and went on to the next pile of children waiting for hope to put down her cigarette and get back to work.  Probably rolling his/her eyes, sipping coffee, and playing Angry Birds on break.  Most likely inundated with phone calls for false claims, jamming up the productivity for the true emergencies.  Case loads and work load too much to handle for those hired for this important position.  Sometimes smart brains that pass college courses, are stupid when it comes to common sense.

I find it really hard to believe that no one has been fired (Even when 15 proven cases, where children died as a result of abuse, were brought to the Department of Children and Families attention!)  Gabriel’s case has some workers on ‘desk duty’ pending a ‘possible’ disciplinary action.  If the Sheriff’s Department knew about this case, which they did, then why didn’t they go on house visits?  Let me guess, some rule or government action keeps them from entering?  Some written law states that they cannot go off of evidence when the only evidence are claims from a beaten 8-year-old boy?  When do you NOT go check on Gabriel everyday, if not call and speak with him?  We are so worried about the way things are written on paper.  Too many families, too many claims, too many kids that cry wolf.  Wouldn’t you rather look into each one thoroughly, than have a child’s blood on your hands?  Is the Department still hiring these people who are not qualified for these case loads?  YES.  They even admitted it.

I can only imagine the day-to-day for little Gabriel.  His teachers noticing bruises and wounds on him everyday.  His mind corrupted by a foul mother, looking to receive government money for ‘having children’.  What a waste of space.  Fund sucking scum these people are.  The boyfriend living with the family was just as abusive towards Gabriel.  One instance the man claimed he bruised and beat the boy because Gabriel was, “Dirty”.  I won’t go into anymore detail about Gabriel’s abuse, his story is too graphic.  This poor boy couldn’t’ tell anyone about his torture (mentally, physically, and emotionally) because the people who came to his house to ask questions, asked them in front of his mom.  What?  I don’t know about you, but I’d be afraid of mom’s backlash after the social worker left.  Again, common sense FAIL.

Please people, keep your head on your shoulders.  I think it is perfectly human to ask questions, and call for help if you think a child is being abused.  This includes emotionally, physically, or sexually.  We are so afraid to speak up, and then we end up mourning for a life lost too soon.  Our systems are failing badly.  Each and every one.  Money and schooling are deemed the utmost importance when chasing after a career, and compassion for humanity is fading.  Hey world, your idiotic selfishness is showing.


STOP child abuse!



Overlooked Emotional Abuse

Intentional Poisoning

False Abuse Cases


2 thoughts on “Another Abused Child Unheard: Failed by those sworn to protect the innocent

  1. Let us not forget that first and foremost his mother let him down!!!! It isn’t always that the staff is stupid or just worried about making a buck. AV has one of the highest case worker loads in LA county! Terrible, terrible what happened to Gabriel but I do know the Sheriff and Social Services gets a call to investigate every time a person is seen giving their child a pat on the bottom for misbehaving. Please people report was is truly abuse so that children like Gabriel don’t get lost in the system


    1. Absolutely agree that his mother, and his mother’s boyfriend, let him down. While AV has the largest case load, I still don’t think that is any excuse to wait that long to take action. I understand the false claims that flow in also making it difficult to keep up. While I believe there are good, hard working people in this system….There are also those that lack the proper common sense needed to perform their job efficiently.



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