Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

DAILY PROMPT:  Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

Photographers, show us  YOU.

My name is Jessica.  I introduce myself as Jess, not sure why, but I guess because it seems to fit more of my personality.  Jessica sounds snobby.  She sounds like a cheerleader with a large chest – which I never was.  I had five friends all with the name Jessica while attending Elementary school.  I grew up in a small town, so they followed me up until High School.  I never knew when someone was talking to me or the other Jesse’s sitting next to me.  So, because of the confusion, I was often called Haynes.  Yes, the name of underwear only with a ‘Y’.  My maiden name is Haynes and although I was glad to get rid of it, I wasn’t happy that my next last name turned out to be ‘Ala’.  Every telemarketer on the planet called my cell phone and when I picked up, they asked to speak with Jessica Alba.  I WISH.  I don’t believe I was named after anyone or anything.  Would I rename myself?  Nah.  I feel like Jess describes the ‘essence’ of me.  I’m well dressed, I like to impress, sometimes I can be somewhat of a mess, but that I don’t confess.  I’ve been told I’m the best, a really nice guest, and I’ve never worn a bullet proof vest (ya, rhythmic battle complete).

If you were to Google my name you’d be met with a picture of a very pregnant Jessica Simpson, the rescue of Jessica Buchanan, a bunch of images for Jessica Alba (you’re welcome boys), and somehow you can compare products, reviews, and more by typing in……Jessica.  There was a song in 1973 written for my name by the Allman Brothers (youtube it), and I am the oil tanker that spilled 568 tons of oil off the coast of the Galapagos Islands.  My name was first seen in one of Shakespeare’s plays called, “The Merchant of Venice”.   I’m sure you remember baby Jessica, and Jessica’s Law.  Oh, and there’s Jessica Biel of course.  My name in Hebrew means ‘Rich’ (HA!).  It also means ‘foresight’, or ‘to see’.  Yes, I do wear glasses and can read minds.  I am of a Hungarian background so this was cool to find out – Jessica is the Hungarian phoneticisation of “Jazz music”.  Just call me Jazzy Jess.



Shakespeare's Play 'Merchant of Venice'.  Shylock's daughter was named, "Jessica".
Shakespeare’s Play ‘Merchant of Venice’. Shylock’s daughter was named, “Jessica”.



5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

  1. What a great prompt. I was named after an Uncle I never met. Not fond of “Raymond” but I do like “Ray.” 2 people on this planet call me “Raymond.” 1. My mother, and 2. TELEMARKETERS. 🙂



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