Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster

DAILY PROMPT: Tell us about the last time you were really, truly jealous of someone. Did you act on it? Did it hurt your relationship? Photographers, show us something GREEN.


I’m jealous of babies, birds, and people who own islands.  I can’t stand it when I lose at Yahtzee.  I am absolutely jealous of the girl who can eat a doughnut every morning, and never gain a pound.  Oh, and the people who can run miles without feeling like death is upon them, and those who are naturally gorgeous sans the Mabeline (*sigh*…..cue the monster).

It is impossible for relationships to not be hurt, or broken, because of a jealous heart.  My past is full of that mess.  It will melt your brain, and use your feelings against you.  I used to be a VERY jealous person, prior to realizing that trust was a better option than envy.  I acted on my jealousy all the time because of boyfriends that cheated.  It made me ugly and doubtful.  Stupid boys.  Anyways, I remember always wanting to be a better dancer, a funnier person, a ‘cool’ mom, the person everyone wanted at their parties, and that girl who can hang with the guys (and not look like one of them).  I’d say that I’m the definition of that ‘insecure’ side of jealousy.  The side that wishes to be a better version of myself, based off of other’s successes.  I’m not the monster that squinches its nose, harrumphing around the room with arms crossed (not anymore boys!  HA!  I have conquered my trust issue, you jerks.)  I try not to grumble under each envious laced breath at those more successful than myself.  Simply because everyone has a different definition of what ‘success’ is.  I have to remember that character is the foundation to my personal view of success in life, to which I am proud of mine!  Personally I do not see much value in ‘things’ either.  People who have lots of material value usually envy those who are rich in spirit, and wish they had more time to enjoy their ‘things’, rather than work tirelessly to get them.

There will always be something I wish I had, or did, or was, but being truly jealous about those things is a waste of my precious time.  So, here’s to the gorgeous make-up free beauty, the neighbor with the perfect house and plants that aren’t dead, and the baby who gets to play, eat, and poop all day.  I envy you.


Here’s your green WordPress…..you’re welcome. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster

  1. Your first paragraph made me laugh because i’ve always been jealous of your lean figure and how you’ve never seemed to struggle with your weight like i have growing up (even in high school…you were a babe and I was the chubby one!). And I’ve always thought you were so beautiful, even without your makeup. Funny how we are our own worst critics and never see ourselves the way others do. You are so beautiful Jess….inside and out. One of the most beautiful people I’ve ever known! 🙂


  2. I’m mostly jealous of cats. But that’s because they can stomp around all over whatever they want to and just be more cute because of it. :/ Very raw, honest, and excellent post! 🙂



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