Films For Kids Project 2013


When I was a kid, I remember putting on my favorite dress up clothes and pretending to be Madonna and Mariah. I used to act like a princess, a doctor, a detective, and a professional ballerina. I was good at it. Every time friends came to my house, the first thing we did was brush up on our acting skills. I loved to pretend. My imagination was flooded with dreams of someday being in a movie. That imagination has given me my artistic ability today, I believe. I enjoy painting, dancing, writing, acting, singing, and still play dress up (with my 3 year old of course). I am so thankful for the arts! They fill my soul with positivity, and new creations daily. They give my adult mind a child like spirit.

The film industry lit the fire within me to pursue big adventures (Feivel Goes West and Land Before Time), to follow my heart (The Little Mermaid), to dream big, and find mystery in books (Never Ending Story), and to have compassion for others (Aladdin). My upbringing was great in my home, and I had family to encourage my creativity. I’m thankful that they did. Role models in my childhood inspired me to follow my goals. I learned to write stories, plays, and poetry at a young age. I had support through high school, and because of that was able to breeze through English subjects in college. All my artistically successful roads led back to imagination, upbringing, pretending, acting, and most of all role models and support.

What about kids who don’t have that encouragement? Maybe they do, but they don’t have the “outlet” to pursue their artistic potential? Troubled maybe, and need leadership skills. Would you agree that children and teens need positive role models in their life? What if there was an outlet for these kids. I believe there is through the Boys and Girls Club, and it’s amazing. A high school friend of mine, Adam Angeles, has launched this fantastic project!

PLEASE partner with the Films For Kids Project. Take a moment to watch the video below, and share it with the WordPress community! Be inspired. Use your Imagination, kid.

WATCH – Films For Kids Project



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