Invisible Nightmare

Last night I had the creepiest dream. That’s actually an understatement. It scared me so bad I woke up crying. I tend to have some pretty vivid memories of my sleep stories, but this one I actually woke up because I ‘felt’ it.

I was walking with my daughter, and an invisible person was following me. How do I know this if he in fact was a see-through dude? I was being screamed at by two young children that he was getting closer. Their faces where terrified, and they were all sweaty from running from this ‘thing’. I looked down, saw footprints in the sand, felt breath on my neck, and then on the small of my back the eeriest sensation crawled up my spine. Scared the crap out of me. My husband woke me up because I was yelling out, “Help me! Help me!” It felt like a small shock. Then it put both hands on my back, and I started to feel a paralyzing vibration. So vivid and scary. I’m writing right now in bed because I’m freaked out and don’t want to go to sleep!

Here’s one for you interpreters out there (cause its a strange plot). Before the scary part of my dream, I was walking on a path in this new housing development that was not finished. People lived in the homes though, and half of the windows didn’t even have glass in them. I was holding my daughter, becoming cautious because the sun was going down. I wasn’t lost, I was just walking back to wherever I came from. Doesn’t seem to mean much but it was so real! I could tell you the color of the flowers in the flower beds, and what the people I passed by looked like. I was anxious and on a mission to get to wherever I was headed.

I am a believer that dreams mean something. They have connections to either deeper meaning, or a spiritual sense. Either that or you’re just really tired and have an outrageous imagination, or a talent for imagery. Throughout my life I have experienced some pretty memorable dreams, each with very strong meanings behind them. Man, I hate the fact that the scary thing is transparent, and it’s stalking me. Really? Well, goodnight all. Maybe…..

So, what is your opinion? Do you believe in dreams?



3 thoughts on “Invisible Nightmare

  1. I have always had vivid dreams, I dream every night and every morning I can recount them – to the detail that you mention in your post. I have read lots of ‘dream’ books to try to work out what some of these may mean but in the end I have come to the conclusion that it is just my subconscious emptying itself out. I would worry myself silly if I believed all of them, but that doesn’t mean that scary dreams aren’t …. well, scary! Hope you managed to get some sleep!



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