The Glitter Girls of Facebook

Photo of Glitter Particles
Photo of Glitter Particles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretense of keeping it alive.  ~Havelock Ellis

I love Facebook. Some days I need therapy from the addiction of ‘refreshing’ the screen. I enjoy putting funny memes that make me laugh on my page. I love that even though my family and friends are in all different places, we can connect daily in cyberspace. Pictures of my daughter get a whole bunch of likes! She’s super cute! I swear that without this little gem of a social network I wouldn’t know anything about the world outside. I’d miss countless birthdays too, holy cow. Thank goodness for the reminders I get! Most of my friends on the site I know personally, and have contact with them often. Others, I had a friendship with years ago and just love to catch up once in awhile! I enjoy putting some of my personal life out there on a page for all to see. Not because I try to make my life look fantastic. Not to stalk certain people (admit it we all do/did that!). Nor do I need to prove any points. I do it because I love to write! I enjoy looking at pictures that my photography friends post. I love seeing when a friend’s child has an achievement at school, or even liking a picture of a couple’s anniversary dinner. I need to know about my Lakers too! It’s great for networking, and it’s wonderful for non-profits and families who need help and prayer. To me, it creates an involvement in my friendships that are miles apart. Even though Facebook has it’s positive perks, it is a horrible outlet for the jealous heart.

*Warning!* The following is a rant session by yours truly.  

Women place themselves on a pedestal to get attention from men sometimes. Online or otherwise. We’re good at it! Ya, you know where this is going now. Congratulations! You have entered my jealous woman brain. Keep reading. These ladies can be gorgeous, ugly, half naked, married, dating, mothers, or just cute chicks. I know nothing about them. I have never met them. I base an opinion off of what I interpret by the Facebook page. Being human, I make the judgement that these types of gals are either really secure in their looks, trying to promote some sort of career, or they just love the comments they get on their page from men. None of my business! Good for you honey! This is usually my outward interpretation of them. Well, until they make it my business. Why, why, why do these chicks feel the need to post on married men’s pages that are of flirtatious nature? To me it doesn’t matter if their profile picture is a cute innocent one, or if their fake boobs are blobbed all over the lens. It’s disrespectful to both the wife, and the husband (as I see it). Soon the posts on the wall disappear, and the messages start to become private. Digging a hole that spouses all over the world don’t even know exist until they fall into it. Keep it together ladies and do your thing, but please don’t feel the need to intrude so you can get some sort of validation. I used to be this “attention from men seeking junky”. I know the game, and I know how it works. It scares me when I catch one of you making your way through cyberspace like glitter. You stick to everything, you’re pretty, you show up unexpected, you become gaudy and clingy, and it’s impossible to get rid of you. If you say you’re in love, married, or you’re a mother, for Jesus’ sake let’s try to be a little shred of classy. Your children look up to you, and copy your image. Hopefully it’s not your profile image.

I trust my marriage more than I trust that the sky is blue, or that God knows how many hairs are on my head. We are in this ’til death together. He is my soul mate. I know, as every woman knows on this planet, that men look at other women. It’s of their nature. A beautiful girl walks by, and they’re gonna look. That bothers me none. It doesn’t make me jealous. My insecurity comes from disrespectful women. The ones that like to flirt openly with married men, and choose to be disrespectful of our promise to one another. I trust other women like I trust Kobe to pass in a game. This is a big problem for me that I wish I didn’t have (the trust thing, not Kobe’s passing issue). When I have trouble or arguments in my marriage my first thought goes like this, “He has an outlet to talk to someone else. That one girl would be open to it. Her picture just begs for men to oogly eye her. I can’t compete with that.” Is this true? NO! I know it’s not. As a woman though it is a dumb worry. Especially when these girls just show up every once in awhile thinking they have a right to, and nothing is said to them. I have to then remind myself to remain confident in my image, and my marriage, because of my own insecurity brought on by a plastic.

Venting session over. All I know is I have a husband that loves me. I’m absolutely gorgeous inside and out. He tells me I’m a kick ass wife, an awesome mom, and that I’m beautiful. That’s all the validation I need in life. Ladies hold your head up high with your accomplishments, your personality, and your class. Be beautiful in whatever way you describe that word as. Leave something to the imagination! All I ask is to please be respectful of the happy married people. We don’t want your silicone. I have some of that in my kitchen. I use it to cook dinner for my family that you’re not a part of. Don’t need your duck face either my dear. I can go to the park, or log on to Facebook, if I want to see some quacks.

Good day everyone.



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