Walk, Weeds, and Disneyland

Leaf Blowers 04
Leaf Blowers 04 (Photo credit: hectorir)

I woke up in bed this morning to two very snuggly pups. One was curled up by my hips, and the other inches away from my face. “Get up guys it’s time to wake up!”. No movement at all. “Really? Let me out. Move!”. The one by face just heavy sighed, turned his head onto my pillow, and slapped my forehead with his big slobbery tongue. I managed to slip out of the covers like an anxious crab leaving its shell. Comical really, and I almost didn’t make it without flying off the bed. If dogs could laugh I’m sure they would have. Finally free I got ready for my day. It was overcast today, and the cool breeze and grey sky reminded me of Disneyland for some odd reason. I headed out the door and started my journey up the horrible hell of a hill that I conquer everyday. Looking back at the house I noticed the weeds were taking over our side yard. The plants are so happy its Spring that they’ve decided to uncontrollably grow all over each other. “Maybe tomorrow I’ll do yard work. Plus all the buggies are out in this weather.” Valid reason in my mind to procrastinate!

Headed up the hill I realized I left the house in my pajama shirt. It says, “Your Swagger Sucks” with blue writing on only the “You Suck” part. Obviously this wasn’t intentional. I was so busy planning my escape from the covers that I managed to forget to be a human and dress myself properly. At least I wore pants. As I rounded the first corner I saw two gentlemen blowing leaves around with their fancy air blowing machines. Where were the leaves going that you didn’t want them before? Why not just wait for a windy day? Thinking about what in the world these guys were doing, I almost crashed my face into a branch. “Hey brother come over here with that leaf blower and wack this limb down will you?” Made much more sense. I pushed my legs to the limit until finally reaching the “right turn”. I know this turn. I dream of the turn (and Disneyland, and useless jobs) the moment I start to sweat. Down the road I saw a mother and son taking a stroll. The mother looked at me and was laughing. At first I thought, “How sweet that they spend this time together and are having a blast!” and then I realized, “Oh crap. She just read my shirt.”

After the hell hill I came home and tackled the yard. Literally tackled. The yard almost won. I have no gloves, and we have rock cover down the whole side yard. My fingers were numb and I didn’t notice they started to bleed! I pulled every weed, grass, and lucky charm (not without making a million wishes). All to the tunes of Iration, Marley, and some Slightly Stoopid. Overcast gives me the beach vibe so I went with reggae for motivation. While I was having so much fun torturing my hands, I hear a loud truck headed my way into our cul-de-sac. It was a stinkin street sweeper. Really? Thank you sir for cleaning a five foot width at the end of my driveway. I know he was probably just turning around, but with all the cars parked on the curbs I had no clue what he was trying to accomplish. He was probably looking at me thinking the same exact thing. The leaf blowing business may be in our futures.

This day was gorgeous and eventful. The dogs were good and didn’t tear anything up while I was outside, which is surprising. Now with the overcast fading it’s time to keep it inside. Buggies, you know. Hubby is home now and brought pizza and surprises for me. Best part of my day!



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