Throwing lemons

Free Lemons!
Free Lemons! (Photo credit: Sascha Grant)

Ever play catch with lemons? Life is quite the master at it. The game is ongoing, and usually a face or too gets pulverized as soon as you’re in the homestretch. It has taken years for me to realize that I am horrible at this game. Each time one is thrown in my direction  I become a prisoner of my own mind with the sour taste of defeat in my mouth. Recently though, I have retired from this ridiculous thought process. I don’t need to play along. I don’t need to catch every one in perfect fashion with a victory dance every time. I find no need to carry them in my hands waiting for the moment to make “lemonade”, or sugar coat the surface. I have learned to throw back, and throw back hard. I’m ready to shake the lemon tree, and drink to my victory under its shade.

With that said….first blog starts tomorrow. Forgive me for my grammar! College English was good to me but that was eight years ago, and punctuation can be a punk. See you at the Carpenter’s Quill!



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