The sun will melt into the sea Set fire to all the Galaxy Delicately balanced as it disappears   Space held together   A soul full of tears.   Advertisements

The Unknown Path

   Is it paved in pure gold or riddled with splinters?  Will it burn in the summer and freeze over in winters?  How far does it bend through the brush and the dark?  During Harvest do dead leaves hide knots in the bark?  Will I slip when it rains or fall through the cracks?   … More The Unknown Path


   Stop.  Reach out.  Breathe little one.   You will learn when to jump just as soon as we’re done.   This place was not meant for you to find.  It is only for them, the ‘other’ humankind.   You can watch from the rooftops as they smokescreen the sky.  They’ll make dreams kings and … More Break 

The Heart Strings

I realize now that I will never get her back. I have been left with full flash-drives, empty barbie boxes, and stored memories.  I can still see the tiny footprints left behind from a bath time gone crazy. There are soggy band aids scrunched up on the tub, and somehow she managed to get pink … More The Heart Strings

Hold Tight 

   The babies of this generation need a vacation from the Disney station. Tooned out. Co-sleeping bags under eyes too tired to lift a finger scold kids told to slow rolls on their downward spiral.  Witness to the sickness as it goes viral.   Track of time out of control trained with back packs snap, … More Hold Tight