My love, don’t let them dull your shine Wonder as you wander with your hand in mine. I will bring you the moon as dawn turns into night The world is not dark It’s just needs your light. Advertisements

Memorial Day Tribute: Poem for families of the fallen soldier

He received the orders and was told it was his time. Honored to fight for freedom, to march his men in line. His uniform, clean and pressed, wet with tears from his family. “I’ll be home soon don’t worry guys, just say a prayer for me.” As he turned toward the door he felt his … More Memorial Day Tribute: Poem for families of the fallen soldier


Please, hold on. I just need your hand. Show me you’re there! I dont understand! I can’t catch my footing the foundation unsound, voluntarily blinded the pain is profound. This place dark and dry I’m dying of thirst! For me to see clearly, I must let go first. You have reached to the top rooted, … More Viewpoint

Bach & Forward

Be careful, my dear, the ivory you choose. For one path leads the orchestra, the other the blues. Tread lightly the keys with your sweet melody. Add pressure, create a masterpiece. Stand firm and you’ll see.


Heavy as metal Free as a bird She scratched at the surface He called her obsurd Each leap was an inch Only breath could escape The light kept her warm But he knew her true fate Soft blowing breezes The only touch on her skin Although the window was open Nothing ever came in As … More Bound