Go fish

Sometimes, all you need is a pier and a pole. Burning squints by the sun’s kiss. Cast in and wait. In the waves roll take the bait. Clouds break and for a moment, just a moment, the breath in catches salted skin. Smile then, and reel it in.


Why is it that I am so fond of the feathered creatures? Perhaps it is because I long for their ability to be free, or is it because I find such comfort in the pure tones of their songs? As they gather, I reach further out to catch the breath of fresh air they provide. … More Feather


No warmth in this place, I’m so sorry. Maybe stand back as it burns. Wait, there’s no warmth, that’s right. Is it too bright? The shadows are filling up this space but I don’t remember how the flame was lit. I can’t seem to find the right spot but if I move I will lose … More Gaslight


Heavy as metal Free as a bird She scratched at the surface He called her obsurd Each leap was an inch Only breath could escape The light kept her warm A cold heart held her fate Soft blowing breezes The only touch on her skin Although the window was open Nothing ever came in As … More Bound